Friday, June 26, 2009

fresh content all day but not in the next 2 hours

I can't stop the fresh content.

It occurred to me that Micheal is keeping them in such suspense and the coroner--still not in sight-- and Farrah dead of Anal cancer. No autopsy necessary. And that my friends is the difference between an icon and a legend!!

Please, tip the waitress on the way out!

Is the revolution over???

In two or more hours(depending on the dentist) I plan to share stories about Sima Samu(her actual name!) of highschool who wore a michael jackson thriller jacket daily and carried his picture everywhere and how suddenly and inexplicably she became very popular in 11th grade due To Renee Shnall deciding that she(Sima) be a good foil. Then want to get into the popularity wars in my highschool and how I was sort of a part of it and then i want to talk about the brilliant girl who came from an ultra orthodox home and yet rebelleled by crazy fanhood of the Charlies Angels, Robert Urich, and Michael Jackson and Duran Duran. Totally serious and thinking how both are in mourning today though they were soooo different. Sarah Miller was super smart and Sima Samu was near retarded.
now I'm thinking about how the crazy names people had in my schools growing up made me so into language or was it my hungarian mother????????
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