Saturday, June 6, 2009

I was going to post my manifesto today but thought better of it.

Instead I'll discuss the death of David Carradine. A man of such.... Presence... Kung Fu Kill bill and then shoelace on prick in closet. I am too relieved. I really was bumming the hell out from the Nicholas Hughes, danny gans lucy gordon now david carridine suicide thing and I feel kind of elated that he just was very particular about his orgasms. But, the family ... the family. How does one handle such a powerfully kinky and sexualized death--- of a seventy two year old. Till today, I am sure that my parents only did it twice- as only two chilren emerged etc.

Should there be an A&E intervention on such a practice? "Dad, it's me or dangerous lone sex?

Boggles, doesn't it. But, it's fine really. To each his own and the thought that he was 72 and life with all that money and he still could't wait for some cancer or natural causes, really bummed me out. Now, I see him smiling with a sholace on his pecker and I hope his family sees it the same way... some day.

I still suspect foul play with Lucy Gordon and I hope so because murder, in my opinion, is less worse. Yeah, less worse... than suicide.

Till then I have to work work work on mmy stinking appeal because two shabby vicious lesbos with the help of a motley crew of rapacious bozos and mendacious dorks decided to hurt me(and my family) for no good reason. There names are Stef willen and Tig Notaro and if you see them run run run run run. They don't have a conscience and they are as twisted as could be.
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