Monday, June 8, 2009

NURSE JACKIE REVIEW at the end of post

Since I'm a whore I will post more about Carradine as it is attracting a vast and lively viewership to my sweet sad blog. Hmmm, not quite but better than usual, as they say. So, I need to talk about the family now saying it's murder and how terrible a conundrum is facing the Carradines...

Suicide is particularly depressing in a 72 year old. It shows an impatience that is very unsettling. If he was told he was dying of a soon to be agonizing cancer than one can see a sort of Euthanasia suicide. But, since no health problems have been reported him hanging himself in a closet , nude, is just not a rich man with access to grand pharmaceutical would do. Then you have the very distinct possibility that he died while doing extreme masturbation and that is... hmmm, better than suicide mabye but worse than....murder. Which is what the Carradines want to believe. Murder trumps kinky sex accident death and suicide. I agree.
It very well could be. It could be that this killer unlike so many killers before him is being unique with his M.O. Most killers, serial or not, follow tired cliches when it comes to M.O. This one gets them naked, ties their hands, and gingerly (or not gingerly) places a shoelace on the penis.

This blog started as a meditation on M.O's and the idea of profilers etc so it is fitting to discuss this I figure. Very soon I want to expound on M.O's and the fallacies of forensic assumption but for legal reasons that will have to wait. Still, I got to say "forensic assumption" as if really meant anything and so that is pleasant. Oh no, new neighbors at the kindly 84 year old handyman murdereres house. They are making noise. Oh no!

I've got to get back to my heinous legal battle(still with the appeal) which by all indications will drag on for years and years. I made it to 40 without the whiff of a lawsuit or even an enemy, and now I'm literally going to have about 10 different legal battles launched within the end of the year. I'm finding many aspects of being falsely accused-- fascinating. There seems a poetic and philosophical purpose at times in having to face such... challenges... and at other times I just want the creeps who have done this jailed and worse.
I would read Kafka and feel a pit in my stomach and now I know why.

But, this blog is about Oprah and she has been replaced by Angelina Jolie and is now the second most powerful. I don't know what to make of this... I'm always glad to see Oprah usurped in any way shape or form but Angelina gets on my nerves too. Not in the way say that Oprah or Julia Roberts do but I find that she cranes her neck too much and that she does so to appear overtly regal or whatever. Every picture of her has her with overly erect neck and posey expression on her face. I never see her just natural. I truly find Brad Pitt unnatractive, and there growing family seems just tiresome. So, the fact that Angie is so powerful doesn't give me much succor even though it must rile old Oprah. Angelina seems to at least have some soul and I can't detect any with Oprah. I just can't. I see a huge head with well groomed hair and it makes noises and it rules the world and I don't understand.

Well, that was in the news 2 days ago and I should have covered it then. What else?

Saw some free preview of Nurse Jackie and I was pretty thrilled that I was getting this free preview because showtime or hbo is so above my present means that it's ridiculous, and for some reason I felt sad that I'd never see that show and was intrigued by it. I've only seen a few Sopranos(loved it) one weeds(didn't like it) a few L words(godawful!) and some nice marathon with this show called Sleeper Cell. That was a weekend to remember.Seriously. I've also seen a few free Dexters(some good, some bad) and so I rarely feel tempted by anything but some reality shows. I don't watch any show at this point on any regular basis. Actually ,I only watch a few reality shows here and there. I don't know why. I just totally lost interest in any other types of shows and haven't seen a talk show in 10 years. Well, anyway back to Nurse Jackie. Read a review in the New York, Trust that Nancy Franklin, so when I saw it free and on the TV yesterday I was pleased.

Well, now I'm very pleased that I'm not forced to miss anything. I didn't like it at all and my dislike verged on disgust a few times. I rolled my eyes so many times that I could honestly feel a muscle growing up there. Terrible,really. I found the character played by Falco to be common and unsympathetic and the supporting cast (except for the cool actress that go chunky and played the symbiotic sister on Law and Order) to be horrific. I don't trust Nancy Franklin anymore and that hurts. I would love my miniscule yet gracious readership to tell me what they thought of this show. God, reliving that show for this post has been rough. What a shit show, basically. Thoughts always appreciated.
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