Saturday, June 20, 2009

I will not Twitter about being bitter about the death of blogs

So it's official. Blogging is over! CNN on for hours and only mention of Twitter and facebook and how Mousavi has declared on facebook that he is willing to be a martyr. That strikes me as absurd but so be it. The blogosphere not mentioned at all anymore. And, yet I refuse to twitter and fail to see why blogs tanked so!

Had a fine night last night as me and sister were surrounded by 6 gorgeous french guys and man they were funny too. French and funny and loving on the sisters. Nice. Also much younger than us and off to Paris in 2 days so that's that. About 10 people told me I must become a comedian yesterday and it was very frustrating to know that some crazed loser named Tig Notaro has stalled that for more than a year now. There is something so very wrong about what she and Willen did and the Juries that eventually will hear it will loathe those two and thier shlepper cronies and I can't wait.

I am blogging today out of defiance as no one is mentioning blogs anymore, as I just mentioned and I'm repeating myself-- which is fine.

Very sexy all this rebellion and wish us Americans would do more than destroy busses because of some Lakers game something. The internet and cell phone cameras take on some great value in a situation such as Iran, but it's amazing that they have all conformed to twitter to demonstrate their defiance. Irony??? I think so.

I think CNN has some investment in Ireport because they seem to keep trying to launch it to not much avail, from what I can gather. This Ireport like Reddit hasn't captured the public imagination and I think i know why. Google, Facebook, Twitter, all silly sounding and Ireport sounds not so silly and I think people like silly. Yahoo too. Blackberry, Ipod.
Think about it! Silly sells! I think I'm figuring out some heavy shit and my brevity and non joiner issues demand that I can't twit or tweet, as they say, and so my revelations are getting short shrift.

My god, nothing on the news, no mention of blogs since I woke up at about 10 am. Poor blogs. Poor sweet blogs. I won't abandon you, blog.

see you soon, my blog.
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