Wednesday, June 17, 2009

literally millions of donuts in this damned town

Anyone see that Larry King with Kathy Griffin?

Unbearable. Kathy has gotten cocky and name droppy and if she was intending to be ironic(which she slightly was) it wasn't really working with Larry King. Because Larry named his kid Chance and Larry just is an empty vessel an the whole things was painful and gross.

Was humming the Traveling Wilbury's "long time ago when we were fab' in the laundry room and that's odd because it hasn't been on the radio as far as I can hear and I was using Tide but still I was humming it and then I thought... "FAB Morvan." And then I wasn't quite sure if it was him or the other good looking black german or what but I could just see one of them diving off the Mondrian Hotel-- suicide. And, I thought I should pay a little tribute to the one who killed himself because I have a blog and I can pay tribute nowadays. So, yeah, tribute to Fab or the other one because what what what was his sin??????????????? Lip synching!! That's right. Lipsynching. Yeah, that was his sin.

So, twitter is now being used by iranians to good effect. Facebook and Myspace wouldn't do the trick?? The little shitters and twitter gave a statement to the news about how flattered they are that they are a part of history whatevars.

Blogs aren't good enough?? Need restricted character new fangled twitter ???????????? to express oppression of Iranians??? Why is it so??

Swine flue is bak!!!

Must see Gosselings this week and must find out who heidi and spencer pratt are!!!!!!!!!!!

Must sue and file bar complaints this week.

Must help Tarra refocus her blog and charge her the max.

Must put more pics and find webcsam. Where did that webcam go???

Why is their donut store. every 4 blocks in los angeles?????????????????? Almost if noit all mini malls etc??? Donuts!!!!

What do donut store names lack originality so???

US Donuts on one block, five blocks away, DOnut King, and then 4 or 5 blocks away USA donuts. Then I forgot to pay attention as I got into an interesting conversation with my sister but now that I have a blog and can reach all one of you I thought I should put it out there, " Do southlanders love donuts so???? Or is it to make us feel as is if we are in a police state. " Oh so you want to jaywalk do you, well see there's donuts and you know the rest..."

southlanders????? Am I just paranoid or do you just love donuts a whole lot, no pun intended. LOLOLOLOLOLOOLO.
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