Sunday, June 21, 2009

my crazy azz dreams , viva la revolution, iran, you know

As of today I am 2 posts short of 200 and so I may retire after 200 or I may not. I think i finally figured out why twitter was so big now and that's because it's the only one that lets you put the video straight on the web from a cell phone and I don't think the others do. So, I'm relieved that there appears to be some reason for this complete abandonement of blogs. I need to get in on the ground floor of Ireport because CNN really is pushing that but I somehow lost my webcam and haven't had the time to find it.

This Iranian upheaval or even revolution and how it's being strictly reported via these internet sites is epic. I'm seeing revolution catching on in Egypt and Saudi Arabia next and Bush being redeemed by history much sooner that I'd thought. Imagine if all these opressed people rise up and democracy truly spreads throughtout that burkah ridden region. Amindajad is so shabby and evil eyed that it amazes me that he is in any power postion. Once again the great unwashed have by dint of their majority status allowed such a nutbag to rule. Throughout history, the course and fanatic and not very bright have outnumbered the brainy ones and from what I know this is what is happening in Iran. The limited number of "Elites," have something now that wasn't available in say Tianamen Square and it's called youtube and twitter and talk about the seemingly frivolous being so involved in something so serious.

I have from the start been upfront about my interest in fomenting revolution in the United States and now I see some winds a blowing that might allow this dream to be met. Dreams are so Wierd. I have many-- sleeping and awake-- and the only dream(sleeping) that really comes true upon awakening is my thirst dreams. If I don't drink enough water in the day or drink too much alcohol at night I will always dream of drinking cold and highly refreshing beverages. It is the only dream that makes simple sense and that I can make come true very easily. The rest? Cheryl Crow sitting by me and my sister at a bar in Santa Domingo(Which had all hispanic people who spoke non stop therapyspeak and I kept telling them how hispanics are too cool for that kind of jibberish)Santa Domingo and Cherly Crow are not even things i ever think about. WTF!!!

Oprah still unscathed!
that's all folks.
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