Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I wouldn't mind having dinner with Don Rickles at all!

What the hell. I posted some fabulousness and I see one lone d. Not even a capital d. Well, that's just... not fine.

I once again threatened in my head to stop blogging and never fails that some sweet soul comes out of the woodwork and just says something nice that makes me feel less foolish for trying to start lively debates that turn into dead weights, time. Nurse Jackie, anyone. Was the second episode on and if so was it better?

Was desperate for any reality show and saw " I'm a celebrity get me out of here" yesterday. I found it delightful and once again like Janice Dickerson. I'll get this feeling at times that she's a useless asshole and then yesterday I found her funny and charming and daring. Sanjaya seems a honeypot and the rest are all just lovely lovely. I missed all the other ones so who knows.

On the news someone was saying don't pretend you don't know who heidi and spencer are and I was like.... I really really don't know. I've gathered that they were on some hit show called the hills but I have no idea what this show is or what channel it's on. I mention this only as an observation how you just starting losing touch so quickly past a certain age.

Ah, I don't like this whole post. I don't like it at all and I don't like that a clip of an Oprah commercial was on yesterday and she still seems so lame and then I saw a little bit of a Kathy Griffin special and she's lost it. She's now to insider and all "I'm freinds with Betty White and have dinner with Don Rickles" and I was just like .... why does every talented type go to pot when successful???? Why can't they take on fame in some funny genius way. They never do they just seem to let it devour them leaving behind some insipid bones.

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