Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson killed the iranian revolution. Oprah on enquirer juicy looking but nothing will come of it

I love my blog. I think it's pretty and at anytime someone from China can read what I think and I can maybe spur a revolution or just a chuckle. Was out and shopping for food and rocking to the beats in Jons market(great market) and In between picking the nectarines and peaches I had four possibly blogworthy revelations.

1- We must remove all the geeks from inside these computers, they have made this online world incredible. But, the outside world is still a shabby mess and the woman in line in Jons mwho had edema of such proportions-- on her legs --and did not look like she had a home and all those folks who are just so messed up-- sleeping on the streets, scrounging for some unthinkable survival and here I am on this online and it just gets better and better and so i propose we force the geeks who are capable of this virtual reality building to now assist the non virtual reality.

2- I realized that I'm great at games but never choose to play them. It occurred to me how everytime I played a game i let people beat me or just enjoyed it and made very little effort. But, then everytime I really didn't like the person and didn't want them to win I'd just concentrate on winning and always did. And, for the first time in my life I really loathe certain people and will not let them win. No way. And, the bozos who are assisting them will all lose to us. It's just the way it has to be. It hasn't even started.
3- I am kind of bummed out that all the famous iconic character from my youth are slowly but surely dying and I'm curiously unmoved by Michael Jacksons death and the farrah death only really fascinates me because she lost her battle and the crazy nature of her cancer and how nutty it is that such a symbol of American goldeness (and yeah an untouchable vapidity and unreachable glamour}would be felled like that and then have Michael Jackson come along and mess with her even more. Revelation- I'm not moved by Micheal Jackson because I'm just not a pop person. He was a great talent - to see it or hear it was to know it-- but I've never dowloaded his songs and his lyrics never got to me and that's that on that thatness. I gave up pretending to dance long ago because it felt dreadful to me. So, as much as I love a good bee gees tune and see how talented M. Jackson is I don't equate him remotely to the beatles or even Elvis.

4- I don't think anyone really knows the trick to picking the right watermelon. I sure don't and I don't even think anyone really knows how to pick the right fruits or vegetables period- It's all the luck of the draw.
But, then I think wine is a big hoax and it's all the same and pretty much the same with coffee so don't mind me.-
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