Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paula zahn, Rita Cosby, and Ashliegh Banfield, where art thou?

My mother always does say it best.

I'm seeing this CNN out in the feild lady and she's showing how strangers are leaving beautiful expensive flowers for Michael Jackson. And, I'm so not heartwarmed but thinking, "if everyone who does that kind of shit would just use that money to help the homeless or spend that energy there would be no poverty. For god's sake just send the flowers to blanket if anything..."

And my mother pipes up, " I'm going to go and steal some of those beautiful flowers they are leaving for him."

Some talking head just said how michael spent extravagantly ... like us all... in the last ten years. I must say I have zero bad feeling for michael Jackson but I'm sorry the guy was a spendthrift when living and no need to spin it while he is dead. I don'tsee why anyone feels the need to state--- that all of us were a half a billion dollars in debt despite making billions to begin with. That's just silly. The media and the press are so silly in general. I've known is a long time but was really conked over the head with it when awhile back I was timing how long Paula Zahn would be devoting to Anna Nicole Smith on the primetime CNN and 53 minutes passed before she discussed anything else.

It's not only that there are more and more nude emperors but that these emperors have gone from PG nude to triple X.
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