Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No wonder

I just found out that my mother and thereby I had the slimmest slimmest craziest chance of survival and so I need to do my part. PRESSURE.



Eventually, I'll get a more tangible platform but for now I blog and feel as if the teensiest effort is better than nothing. I pasted the article below because it's just so appalling and because my blog won't get links And, I'm so not an Anti America type but this is just vile and we as a country are so embarrassing. A revolution isn't being covered(I'm sure there is something to cover) and there is wars in iraq and afganistan and Michael Jackson is still dead and will be for some time. I will tell about my slim chance of survival story soon-- It's really pretty mind blowing and it's an incredible story-- As kids me and my sister had these fantasy that one day we'd see a picture of my mother right after the holocaust. She was told that there was one in a french magazien called... maybe... CUE?
But I've never been able to track it down and now i'm sure I found a picture and I found out so many things that explain so much. This blog has really morphed but setting up another blog is just too tiresome when you hear how hard it was for my mother to get survive-- I'm no odds expert but I'd say one in twenty zillion. I'll tell that later.. Comments or not.

So, I'm an official big shot and I think I'm going to become an activist in my later years. I will fight all the corruption I was forced to see because the brownshirt Tig Notaro wasn't loved well enough by her mom and pop. This is sizing up to be the magical scenario I always envisioned but have recently given up on. I'll wait. I have no choice.

This blog will be very hot stuff soon and a pig will fly out of my ass and all the bozos will be exposed and lose their crappy jobs and ahhh, so magical so much of it. And,the power each and everyone of has and wastes so. Buying flowers for jackson and then posting some tribute for him online when so much more useful and life affirming things can be done each minute of each single day.

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Where is Congress honoring the fallen with a moment of silence?

On Friday, June 26, 2009 the United States House of Representatives took a moment of silence to mark the passing of a celebrity.

However, the very same 435 members cannot extend the same courtesy and honor every time a Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Airman dies on behalf of our country.

It is time we let our elected officials know what really is important. Celebrities may have impacted lives but there is also no questioning the sacrifices these men and women in uniform willingly make.

The group admins have taken the time to post the names of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we could live on our daily lives without interruption. It is our mission to ensure these valiant men and women are always remembered and don't become just another number or a statistic in the minds of people.


Thank you to Michael Yon (www.MichaelYon-online.com) for allowing
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