Wednesday, July 1, 2009


At this ungodly hour things that occur to me seem more important than things that occur to me at regular joe hours and sharing them with a nonblog entity is RUDE so I'll post, as they say.

What has occurred to me? You might ask if you in fact exist.

Well, firstly, I woke up thinking that Twitter killed the Iranian Revolution not Michael Jackson and his proxies Farrah Fawcett and Billy Mays. Let's get real- Ed Mcmahon played no part!

But yeah, whatver it wasn't them but this weasel, Twitter. How so you ask as you reach for your early morning beverage(that if you are in a similar time zone)? Well, see, I just saw that there were 105 "bloggers' who joined up for "Bloggers Unite" Free Iran day. So, twitter killed the blog. By killing the blog we were going to get tweets and facebook updates and we all know that those are what we had for lunch or about the wifi reception where we currently are etc. Secondly, you have the press getting all antsty and that godawful twitter update guy on CNN getting so bored and bitter haveing to wade through that shit and just giving in to 24/7 Mainstream Journalism. Have you seen that guy. His name is Josh Lev or something and he looks like someone Iran please let one in, just one! And, don't behead him, kay??

Out of all the possible CNN anchors, my unlucky sisster would meet Josh Lev on JDATE. Last time I saw Josh was right before that spate of celebrity "passings".
Josh Lev was all, " Erica, Akbar from Minnesota just tweeted this, " Freedom is precious. U r too." And, then he's all like, "Anderson, Luanne from the Ivory coast just tweeted, " We support the people of Iran but please don't preempt r must see tv."
So, you go in one generation from Walter Cronkite to this twitter update character and what do you get??? You get this heinous spectacle that is our modern news program. My god, it is so wretched. I imagine the disgruntled so Cronkite as some de-evolution too but my god TWITTER and when that fails to speak for a Nation then what really happens? This chicken before the egg dillemma applies to so much more than the chicken or the egg. Namely, Did the media non coverage kill the Iranian Revolution or did Iranian Revolution kill the media coverage?

That doesn't look or feel quite right but lately too many things are striking me as Chieken or egg or egg before chicken dillemmas, and it's annoying.

Then, I woke up with many new ideas for "New Media" and some might be excellent but I don't have the right ears at my disposal so it's just adding to my stress related illnesses such as saboreahh. Which to the layman is... eyebrow danddruff and which is depressing and absurd and then when I've made my peace with that and my very minimal Rosaceah, I hear there is now somethign called Melasma, and I don't even google that shit because I don't want to know, know what I mean?

So here I sit at a pacific time that is ... ungodly... and I am sitting on a virtual goldmine of entrepneurial innovation. Sitting is supposed to be figurative here but I feel as if I am literally sitting on it and crushing it under the weight of my increasingly computer chair shaped ... Bee-hind. NO and, ifs or butts about it and no bun intended!

ROFL? Don't hold back. You have more than 3 hours(pacific time) to "Get busy."

Which reminds me of the lost blog post of yesterday and how I was thinking of catch phrases throughout history before I was forced to make a left turn on La Brea and then I thought of something else. But, now it's returning to me and damn.... it's DEEP.

Is it just me or does the void look cute today? I always mean cute like in cute baby or old person ways. In may day that's what cute meant before it meant "Cute" and in my day Amazing and Awesome had some credibility and in my day we had no "Twitter Hash" and we cherished our limited amounts of acronyms and didn't abuse our acronym priviliges and we were happier. Actually, the suicide rate has gone up so maybe that's not just some fogey nonsense.

Teens are dropping like flies and I do think being a teen seems like even fresher hell now. I shudder to think of it and I shudder to think how long this post will get if I "discuss" it.

So much to talk about, sweet old abyss, you sexy little chasm, you tender little piece of bandwidth AKA blog.

But, I'm not immune to the forces outside my own head and those forces are saying, "The only people up are stragglers and sinister types. You need to put in 8 hours, girl, or your Wednesday will feel like a Saturday, don't even attempt to make that coffee andd get back on that bed!"

And so I will listen to it, and when I wake at an hour with less interior struggles, I shall begin telling my blog the stories I have. I figure I'll try to go chronologically as to have some semblence that they'll eventually come to an end.
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