Saturday, June 13, 2009

Palin and barbieri and my theory on what blogging should be, bitches.

My last post contained a very good business idea and yet I don't sense the eagerness that should accompany such a grand scheme. I am tiring of you, blog, and your cryptic ways. I remember I was done with you and then for some reason on March 6 someone name Eyevonne came upon you and wrote such nice things and spoke of reffering all of her friends. Well, she never showed her face again despite entreaties and only one of her friends commented. The modern commmunication landscape sucks diseased balls. In my day, there was so many missed connecions. You either called some one back on the rotary phone or not or you wrote back a letter.

How fogey I feel when i think of going to highschool and college in this climate. How horrible the though of everyone walking on campus with cell phones and sitting in the libraries with laptops. There just is something very wrong about that, to me.

I don't even want to think of the pressure on teens to get calls to their cell and land lines and hits and friends request to your social network sites . Then comes twitter and the teen who thought he was all that on Myspace and pretty popular on facebook suddenly tweets and noone follows!

I don't yet have a gray hair and I so relate to that Dana Carvey old fogey character on SNL from years back. "And, we liked it that way."

I have fond memories of waiting on line to call home on a payphone in college, chatting with people in between classes, having to go to the library to do research.

Then, I read somewhere that teen suicide is on the rise and I suspect that this overdone technological advances era is a mess.

Oy. Just read too that Jenny Mcarthy will be the next star of the Oprah Empire

Oprah really has made this world much shittier. She has a real grasp of the sheeple that big headed bozo.

A blog should be about unleashing frustrations and airing dissatisfactions, I firmly believe. Seriously, all this celebrity gossip and blowhardy political pontificating and the lack of inventiveness shown -- must have short posts with pic and links and blah blah. Technology has given us all a way to reach out to the void and to try to make the world at least a little better and what to we do????

We make Perez Hilton and Arrianna Huffingtons the king and queens and the world devolves and devolves into a partisan gossipfest.

Saw some slim bovine from the la morning show barbieri something and she was defending Letterman for his inane retard comments about Palin's kid and she was orange colored, almost rust, and her arguments in defense of that degraded chump, Letterman, were too dumb and annoying to repeat. That mentality: I am a political person and take a side and I will defend that side even when the wrongness is so stinking. Palin's 14 year old kid screwed and impregnated by some famous womanizer is funny or clever??? This Barbieri does diet commercials and she is almost always barely clothed and I forgot her first name but I hope she comes upon my blog someday and decided that she should stick to interviewing American Idol contestants.

So much piss and vinegar that if piss was acceptable as a salad dressing I'd be in business.

how are you all on this cloudy day
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