Friday, June 12, 2009


Was looking at my previous post for typos and it can appear that I am some republican but I actually am not. When it comes to almost everything I'm all about the live and let live. Carrie friggin Prejean is on CNN and she is once again repeating her support for traditional marriage and it's like... shut up already little girl who cares about your views on anything really. You are no Gertrude Stein, you aren't even Joan Didion, lady, and you are no golda meier for sure. I don't believe in gay marriage either. Why? Because I really have never had the slightest bit of interest in marriage and I think it makes the gays look silly that they want to be like the mostly completely tedious straight world. It seems futile and lame but that's really just me and so I say let everyone marry if they want because the world has tsunamis and carradine with a shoelace on his private and every imbecile is having kids and marrying and so to have a stance against it is stupid. Carrie Prejean did dirty bird things and we all do really and so her sanctimonious thing doesn't work. Preserving marriage just shouldn't seem something that one should sweat over. Then, I'm also completely pro choice and can't even fathom the chutzpah of this indifferent universe even suggesting that abortion is wrong.

Obama is going to tax cigarettes more!!! Wasn't he a smoker just till very recently. I guess becoming president is a great motivator and I too will quite when I become president but is he really going to screw us smokers worse.

Which reminds me that I need a business partner and hope to find one from blogging. I drive around in L.A and I'll tell you I see lots of people smoking in their cars and then I see them smoking at all drinkig establishments and pretending they only smoke when they drink and I think that tons of people still smoke and so....

My business idea: Online dating service called "Sexy Smokers" All sexes an sexualities can find someone to smoke in peace with, indoor and out.
And, let's face it smokers with thier laissez faire attitude towards early death are sexier than Vegans!!

Am I right or am I right?

yoohoo business partner show yourselves.
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