Monday, June 1, 2009

Susan Boyle is divine

Stay strong, Susan Boyle. What a world -- you have these soulless creeps just messing everything up. I can't believe what this woman has to endure because of these rotten apples. I am dealing with the worst of the worst and so I'm particularly upset by this new Susan boyle is in hospital info. In my case, the person who has tried to destroy my good name for no good reason thinks that this will all just go away. It never will when such an injustice occurs and when all the premises and judgemnents have been completely false.

Gives me chills how clueless sociopaths are to normal human emotion. They don't experience remorse and that feels enviable... Who are these losers who go around taunting Susan Boyle?? I loathe them.

Sure there must be something easy about not feeling guilt or remorse?
but yet their lives must be so hollow, no? It's one of those answerless "is the unexamined life worth living?" queries and I can't foresee that there can be an answer. The story is being written and not soon enough Stef Willen, Tig Notaro, Scott Boxenbaum, Seccia, myers, Ponce, whitaker, Piazza, Wittels and all the other stinking sick liars will be exposed and sued and we'll get some relief from this onslaught of apathy and evil.

If Susan Boyle every comes across this I hope she drops me a line because I would give her some sweet chaste loving. Such a great talent, no breaks, and still the tigers come at night....
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