Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When is the lucy gordon investigation over already?

I detect trends. I do. I just do. So, I detect a trend that many blogs are dying due to them being replaced by other trends. The blog has always been the bastion of the type who needs to say more than facebook and now twitter will allow and yet the blog is still at the whim of other trends. I just type really and hope that it elevates my mood somewhat.

Well, I woke up after telling my girls that I will just lie down for 5 minutes.... I woke up 14 hours later. Ha. I have done this non stop in the last week. I genuinely am sure that I will just lie down and then many hours later I wake up with my earings on and the shirt I planned to wear to go out and do something ... meaningful. When I sleep a lot I dream a lot and when I dream a lot I remember some of my dreams.

Now, sharing dreams of the more literal kind is always going to "not work." So, anyway I was smoking a cigar and then Johh Cusack drove by in a muffin..." Just doesnt' work as conversational. Never fails that these strange strange things called dreams need the context of whatever color and sound your brain is giving them. But, there are some exceptions. Those dreams that are so odd and seem to be shareable. Like the one(s) I'm obviously about to share.

So... I dreamt that I met Obama and Michelle. Wow. Did we get along. Just laughing about the presidency and what a hoot and just KINSHIP. So, in this dream I'm thinking hey I am now dear friends with the President and his wife and I never ever ask for anything from anyone job or careerwise and I need to ask Obama if he could get me a job. So, in the dream I get up the gumption.. and he says, "Sure." He then makes some calls and he get me a job at a ... Casino as a Casino Worker of some sort. Not clear in the dream what it was but it was clear in the dream and after the dream that I was dissapointed.

Then, I dreamt that I was in Israel with my good grandmother and I decided to move there to be closer to her and because in the dream I was too lazy to go to the airport to get my flight. Also, in this dream I was very excited that I could eat Pizza because Passover in Israel is over a day earlier than in America and in this dream this filled me with ecstacy. Also, in this dream something happened where I left a dirty room behind somewhere and felt terrible but mainly It was about moving to Isreal to be with my grandmother and how I was fed up with America. My good grandmother has been dead for about 15 years now so it's obvious that dream also caused some dissapointment upon the waking.

So, here I sit, somewhat awak, and I'm let down that Obama gave me a Casino Job, My grandmother is long dead, and that I am stuck in Los Angeles, America. Even the shitty casino job is illusion though and so I'm doubly dissapointed, as they say. But, it's not remotely Passover and I could have Pizza. I'm not even crazy about Pizza so I don't know what the hell that was about.

So, now blog I've shared my literal dreams with you. I've shared a few hopes too along way too, blog, and so I think we are starting to bond a tiny bit. You may feel differently and that is fine....

I will now draw up another post where I share names for stores etc.
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