Tuesday, July 28, 2009

all geminis be warned!

If I hit 200 by tommorow or 6000 by the end of the month, I am going to declare this blog a success and I will write to it without fear of failure. I will steel myself and brace myself like crazy and just offer fresh content like nobody's business, as they say.

Haven't read my horoscope in over a year but today gave it a look and it told me to behave and be conventional and how others don't always appreciate my unconventional approach blah blah flake cake... but still... I probably should make an effort to heed as I don't know all people and it is possible that by comparison I am "unconventional" but I sure can't be sure though most people seem like they had the life literally sucked out of them. I'll tell you about my experience at the Cedars Sinai when I return, blogdear. In short, it wasn't any fun and wait times were so bad that a woman was threatening to go to "the county hospital." It was that chinese water torture kind of waiting because every insincere receptionist decided to say " we'll be with you in a few minutes." BE honest, woman. If it is going to be an hour an a half at least don't say a "few minutes." and, Then so much happened in between as per and a good 5 stories came out of it and the backlog is getting painful on untold stories...

So, I must tell you about the redhead with the glasses and tom and how sure I was that all of it added up to the last straw but this old camel is up today at the crack of dawn and she just found her last marble in the sink so it's all good(as they say!) but it's also not so good because of me reading that dumb horoscope and feeling constrained. Cosmic consequences should be avoided, no?
I must tell you all this when we meet again sometime today, blogpup, for I must go.
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