Saturday, July 25, 2009

blah blah foo

Newscaster taped nude just by peephole!

Life is getting creepier and creepier.

But I came here after seeing a tape of the bachelorette and a big thing with this show and the Bachelor is how odd it seems that so many claim to be in love with more than once person and I thought I'm in love with 12 people- hopelessly in love with a jury of my peers. I talk to them all day and write to them and I can't wait till they return my affection! I can't foresee heartbreak ahead with my beautiful sexy jury.

And then, what are the chances that so many think they are love with Bob Guinea, who normally gets loved once in a blue moon.
I think that bachelor show causes such a validation issue, as they say, that they think they are in love because it becomes so important not to have public humiliation that the object ( the lone bachelor or bachelorette)because there only savior from that and their approval feels like love. Whatever, seriously, I am not in a blogging mood and shouldn't be here. I loathe lawyers
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