Monday, July 27, 2009

The fogeys strikes again

Two things that we didn't have in my day and that I wish would go away:

Mommyness mommyhood momity mom mom mom, I'm a Mowm(pronounced with that w sound)

In my day a mother gave birth here and there and that was that. She bosom fed or bottle fed and that was that! It wasn't something to blog about and it wasn't something to brag about. Sperm meets ovum and baby and then life with growing baby etc. When did momhood become so darling and worthy of MOM magazines and fodder for blog after blog and probably tweet after tweet ,and why. Backlash, marketing ploy, waht????!!

And secondly, and I wrote a long tract on this -- but i didn't like it in the end-- fandom fanfiction acceptable and even encouraged celebrity worship!

Why and how and when did this exactly happen!

If the blogosphere doesnt' answer me soon I will ... I will... make ... an idle threat.
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