Tuesday, July 7, 2009

G words do well in the blogosphere

Belabor and belabor. Any illusion that the press is anymore than a huge shameless money maker needs to be dispelled.
The sooner we just realize that the more we won't be incapacitated by dissapointment. Into the abandoned morrass, can come a rich idealist who can start a new station and have it be lovely for awhile till it too eventually turns to hideousness.

Wolf Blitzer and his sort(anchor people) are really the famemakers and I decided that since I want to solely work at home I need to start using their names in my blogs so when they google themselves there is a chance of them mentioning my blog over there and history the rest etc.

Centralized goverment vs non centralized cyberspace = ADD etc.
What ails 'our times" could very well have a common sense basis.

The really big story again is the press. In my day(which is sounding more and more natural by the minute) the press really weren't a story and thier coverage wasn't as cynical or at least I think so. Now it's really the big story-- Iranian Revolution and war dead deader than dead on the fourth of July.

So much more to talk about blog and now that I'm sure we are alone we can really really TALK.

This blog has been approved by Michael Jackon so all you clowns who couldn't make it to his ceremonies please drop a hit on this blog. Soledad Obrien what does Michael Jackson think about Anderson Cooper. I think he's aging well and that if he mentions my blog I too will age well. Candy Crowley is NICE!

Then, I'll move on to fox anchors etc.
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