Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My sexy thoughts on various stimuli

Jermaine has beautiful voice.

Leave Joyce Dewitt be. Jeez. Just say NO to messing with Joyce.

I relate to Sarah Palin and like her a lot and think those who she incences are hatas(haters) and I don't agree with her on a lot of things but can't see how she inspires such loathing in others and think it's depressing.

Paris Jackson's name sullied by Hilton.

Blanket is a name that will only work if many newborns today are called Duvet or pillow or sham or thread count or even ... Comforter.

My mother just said that "Only Toyota" turned on him. Hint: She is discussing one of Jackson's sisters. I just tol her I wrote about her and she said they must picture some ugly little freak and I said, "mother, there is no they." I don't even know if I have one reader at this point. She didn't look encouraged by that.
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