Friday, July 24, 2009


I wish I didn't know this but I do and there is no way to prove that it was racially motivated what happened with that Harvard Proffessor but it was motivated by idiocy and corruption and the public perception that cops are there to do any good. I can tell you from first hand experience that something is very wrong with a system that doesn't allow a black man who is being pestered and treated badly after being found in his own home to be "belligerant" The bullshit big words the dumbest of our nation will bring forth when faced with someone acted in an expected way to an expected stressor. Only if Mr Gates were to threaten this dumb faced Crowley with bodily harm or have committed said bodily harm should he be arrested. Otherwise why should he be denied his free speech rights to express displeausre or downright upsetness. What a CROCK!

All this money and misery exerted because a Cop thinks he is above the law and can arrest anyone for sassing his unimpressive self. It is not ILLEGAL To be offended and to say not so sweet things to a police officer. Anyone who sides with the cops on this knowing that Mr. Gates was not violent or "disorderly" is an idiot who hopefully will one day be forced to see how wrong they are.

I know of a story where a homely, disturbed, and evil individual named "Tig" Notaro decided to target someone (who she must have envied to unbearable distraction) and to have her removed from a comedy show/bar for no reason whatsoever. When this person went to talk to management to find out why this crazy sicko would do this, this carcinoma named Notaro invented that she felt "threatened and that in fear it would escalate" she immediately began pestering the police to stop this person from daring to question her senseless behaviors. More than a year later the police for various reasons(none kosher) have harrassed this person and her family and denied her all her rights because they are too stupid or corrupt to just admit when they are wrong.

If you do not do somethig illegal you should not be arrested. END OF STORY!
arrest must be reserved for ILLEGALITY with real probable cause to believe it occurred.

Any american who gives such unfettered power to such dumb bullies as many(not all) cops is sadly mistaken and all decent people who accept such abuses of power deserve worse than belligerance.
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