Friday, July 24, 2009

Crowley and Keilbasa face and me.

This is the right time to ask yourselves about your rights and what is really done to preserve them. I'm telling you... do it before it's too late.

Why must this be so debated when it comes down to one thing: Is there or is there not a penal code and why does a dumb cop have a right to assault and batter aka touch without permission and make a person fear that they will be touched etc, a man in his own home when no reasonable indication exists that Gates committed a crime.

Obama is making funnies about this on the TV. God bless him.Humor can't hurt imho.

I want a press conference about what some rotten white people did to a white person like me. Damn, I need to become friends with Obama STAT! Obama, I have a story for you! Drop me a comment, Obama, or Oprah or Hillary or Biden or even just Gerry Brown-- I have a story about political corruption and dirty cops and proof of it all!
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