Monday, July 27, 2009

Heaven Help us was the name of the movie, I believe

Was just reading an old New Yorker(May 25, 2009) in the can and saw an illustration of Wallace shawn. This reminded me of my promise to share with you all my” run in with celebrity” stories. I think Wallace Shawn was my first. I was in ninth grade and 14(how it should be etc.) and My crappy little yeshiva took us on our bi-yearly field trip to some museum or show. And, at one point, they took us to eat at some place that had kosher food and who did I see but …. Wallace Shawn and …. Andre Gregory at a table eating and … talking. How delicious! I thought and on the way out I stopped by their table and said, “ Loved my dinner with andre.” They were gracious but looked confused or something. I now realize that I was 14 and surrounded by a gaggle of kids who looked 14(though I think I looked and was told I looked very old for my age) and that’s pretty damn cute for even an old looking kid to say something like that without pretense. Pretense is not my thing, btw.

Anyhow, so I’m reading about Wallace Shawn in the can and he is alive and well as is Andre Gregory and I’m thinking how good that sounds that they are alive and then in the last paragraph I see that they are doing a play with Miranda Richardson and once again life seemed a strange and scary mofo.

The celebrity sighting continues I remember now, So we are going to the subway , this gaggle of yeshivah girls and their teacher and principal, and there is a movie being shot on the way and we stop and to my excitement I see… Donald Sutherland.. in a monk’s outfit. I am ecstatic… Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory, and now Donald Sutherland. Loved him in Klute and all sorts of fine 70's movies!

All the other girls tell me they have no idea who that is and I’m horrified and they are all excited that Kevin Dillon is there and he’s Matt Dillon’s brother and I happen to know this but I’m not impressed as his nose is way too short unlike his luscious brother. I went to say hello to Donald(Who was very sweet and who suggested I touch his wig, which I did and I don’t remember exactly why) and at one point I looked over and saw that Kevin Dillon was looking over the heads of the 8 or so excited girls in that gross Hollywood way—who else is around that matters more! And, his nose is just too short! Damn. But, Donald was a dear and these celebrity sighting were a success, wouldn’t you say!
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