Monday, July 27, 2009

Rage is fine sometimes

This blog is sizzling hot.

Writing my fifth motion and my mother loves everyone of them. Re-reads them for pete's sake.

I am the polar opposite of a neglected child-- every food i eat or clothes I wear or thought I(or my sister) have is of great interest to that little honey. This last year has made us even more bonded and it's getting too Thelma and Loise and Louise for all our tastes.

I sit here writing motions and listen to my mother talking on the phone to assorted entities and I know if I taped it and put it up somewhere people would lose their minds. That woman will turn the most broken robotized customer service agent into puddles of humanity. Three in a row today! She often accidently hits the speaker phone feature and so I hear these automotons slowly but surely come to life. Incredible.

I can search the universe ten times over and I would never meet anyone that delights me as much as my mother. In this society, that might be mockworthy, but what can I do. I tell my mother than it's good she didn't have more children because we already have major closet and plain old space issues. I can't see anyone leaving my mother.

She fell while trying to shave her silly(kinda atrophied) calves and broke something in the rib area- going for x ray today. My sister was upset with her as she thinks that 70 is so over the hill that shaving is a total waste!

The vertigo was somewhat under control but returned when in the shave leg position. Just thinking about her atrophied calve and smashed ribs fills me with sweetness and a rage(for what she's has been through for over year and how disgusting those "people" are.)
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