Thursday, July 30, 2009

the hot sex experiment seems to have worked

I'm warming up to the start of my new blog and it's exciting but my link thing is playing games as witnessed by that huge unweildy link posted last.

Tons of corrupt cop stories in the news and I'm glad the public is seeing this because once you get into thier hands and they have something to gain by hurting you(i.them not getting sued or a job with gavin debecker) --- you lose all innocence concerning them. I had nothing against them before but now I can't avoid seeing them as a pretty sick bunch.

I gave them so many benefit of doubts but I've run dry, and I can see why the OJ jury nullified. I can see it NOW. I believe he is a murderer but now I can see the juror's perspective and it's very sad really. My life has become some kind of R rated movie with all thsee nudie emperors prancing around jiggling and wiggling their man and woman boobs. N A S T Y.

It's one of those you have to walk a mile in my/our/their shoes things but I'll try to make it clear in the coming weeks because I like to be of service and to feel as if I can make a change and all that good shit.
Kudos to me and shit.

Seargent Crowley looks so much like the Keilbasa visaged John Gregozek that it's uncanny. Damn, my story must get told and it sucks that it can't get told AGAP(as good as possible) because there is probably some danger in telling it right about now.

Blog readers, I am not a paranoiac at all so please don't flee just yet!
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