Thursday, July 30, 2009

My sexy weekend and homeless observations

Saw a woman who was far gone, young with beautiful features and would be beautiful if she didn't have what apeared to be dried but moistened flour all over her hair and face . She was punching in the keys on an atm for as long as I stood by the outdoor cigarette vendor and it soon became clear that no way no how was she tried to punch in a pin number that was in anyway connected to her funds. These two poor guys who work that outdoor cigarette place on Labrea and s.monica blvd-- what they have to see everyday and they can't even tell themselves they are getting fresh air. One is armenian and one is russian and I doubt they'd ever see so very many black men in woman's clothing (at all hours in heels-- even at 10 .Am they are dressed for the evening !) in thier homelands. The black(some white but only some) transvestites or transexuals seemed to enjoy shopping at the rite aid and buying meals at the mcdonalds. They don't seem to have supportive family somewhere but I could be wrong.

Some homeless guy asked for change and I thought: Son, you need a roof over your head first and I don't think change is going to to the trick which wasn't a joke really like my obama joke with change that went over well before the truly nauseating tig notaro did everything to kill me off. Then, I even had more homeless "jokes" but I don't feel like telling you them.

They upped my plea bargain yesterday according to my soon to be disbarred ex attorney, Howard Williams from Leiber Williams and Labin, and this was my response verbatim
"Stick in up your ass, Howard, and then take it out of your ass and have Waxler stick it up her ass and you can use those words, Howard you piece of shit."

Stupid bad Howard Williams ESQ was giggling with the wretched city attorney and wowza lawyers are really something to avoid at all costs. This weekend bar complaints against ed guatier, alison sievers, jennifer waxler, howard williams, maybe stan and jason leiber, maybe nicky meehan, another against steven lowe with the new info etc.

Judicial misconduct complaints against judge gerald rosenberg, judge Elizabeth Grimes, recusal of Mary Lou Villar and or complaints depending.

Complaints against Neil Spector from the Public defenders office. I'll let the feckless other PD's slide this time around.

The plate is fuller than binger and purger at the hometown cafe.

Ha ha. Joke. Ha. I had lots of jokes again today and soon they will all be unleashed. I'm tending to my skin (three TCA peels) and fighting my frizz with vigor and I can pass for 30 now I understand. Since I am indigent and obscure(at the moment) all these people have no reason to lie to me. Either way I'll be the grandma moses(that bitch is inspiring) of comedy at worst.
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