Saturday, July 18, 2009

I don't have a title for this post

For the sake of Pete, my neighborhood neighbors over their to the left has not been to visit in eons! Comments are not coming from Magsmadison and lively debate is so not sparked.

What is going on? Shall I post more pics? Perhaps, the defective link thing is making this ... sink. Don't be afraid to tell me that my template is for the birds or that I don't know where to put a comma.

I can take it.

I know I started this blog pretending to be a highly murderous serial killer and that my credibilty suffered when it was discovered that this wasn't exactly who I was. But, now I go on rhyme sprees instead of crime sprees. HA!

The original idea for the blog has now morphed into this kind of cool idea where this innocent person is targeted by this corrupt police unit because of some corrupt hollywood law firm, and they keep trying to see any m.o and they even get a profiler who insists she's doing things she hasn't done or will do things she'd never do. She gets so annoyed by these dolts and their baseless accusations that she indeed becomes a serial killer but a serial killer not in the throes of any dumbass and predictable blood lust, who is well aware of how these dumdum cops "think" and does everything to send them on hilarious goose chases. What a blast. she puts a sock on one foot of one victim and a cowboy hat on his or her head and then the same for the next but then for the third one she puts a tweezer and hairspray by the body and so on and so forth. The victims will all be iredeemable sociopaths ,that she tracks down, so she'll remain sympathetic.

The book or movie will take place all over but mostly in the police station where these clods scramble to make sense of the tweezer etc. When she splays one "victim's" body on a computer desk and then one on a jetski these cops really lose it.
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