Saturday, July 4, 2009

I hope Latoya has been invited to a barbecue today

So, I feel confident that Michael Jackson is indeed dead and that we are neither being Punk'd or that he will be resurrected and that when that happens we'll all have a new holiday etc. Jesus gave us Easter and Christmas and Easter and what shall we call this holiday?? Too many short weekends for my tastes.

I don't feel as sure that this Iranian Revolution is done for. I do think that twittering was the predictable if not correct outlet for modern revolution. I do wonder if the herd had stayed on Myspace what would happen. "Mainstream Media" is incredibly predictable in the way there is these so little noticeable variation between say CNN and CBS news or Fox and MSN.

If I came into huge money I would start my own media empire and just offer completely original programming 24/7. Not even check to see what the others are doing.

Or even better-- watch them and realize what you think they are leaving out and cover that. Get your people to cover stories that noone even suspects. If successful, then eventually your reporters will get followed by the others and they'll have to elude the other press. Ultimately, they'll just grow complacent and getting better looking anchors but I don't see why some magnate hasn't come up with a better news station by now. I don't have the funds but am willing to work with those who do. You know where to reach me!

How is Oprah doing? Are her and Stedman still an Item? I do doubt the rumors about her and Gayle and that is because my brain just logs off when I think of Oprah in any state of heightend passion. Oprah with pupils dilated, mouth suggestively agape, heavy legs ... akimbo, heavy chest heaving. See, I have tried but before I write about the possible state of her nipples it's best I stop.

I do wonder though about what she really thinks of Dr. Phil. I, myself, don't care for him and think that his son is the real STAR!

Not really. Actually, the son is dreadful and reflects poorly his father.
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