Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I need more nedda and my comments on the memorial, thanks,

You'd have to a boulder not to be moved by the Jackson memorial. I am not a boulder but a blogger and I was moved.

Brooke Sheilds looks great. Pictures do lie because she is still stunningly beautiful while in pictures she looks like she lost quite a bit of her looks. Can't get over how beautiful she looks and it was heartening for some reason.

The daughter and the brother parts were the most powerful and all in all pretty cheese free. If I get too sad about life and death and tragedy and how I'm sure Michael Jackson had no idea I just say "Blanket" and I truly don't feel as pained about his particular fate.

Will they change blanket's name now? Did he not see fit for any of his sisters to take care of his children? Did he really have vitiligo or not?

Incredible how good Magic Johnson looks. He looks the same as he did when I first heard he had AIDS and that is something to be glad about.

Not much emphasis on the fans and so it was not as filled with pathos as could have been the case. Interesting how in the end without all the shiny stars the parts with the family were the only ones that in my opinion struck me as profound.

Oh well, Deepak choprah's unexceptional seeming son is now talking about Micheal and this melange of friends MJ had is remarkable. Such a random and free spirited seeming choice of pals( Choprah jr, Liz Taylor, Brooke Sheilds, Webster, Culkin, Diana Ross, Uri geller, that dreadful Rabbi etc)

I wonder what Neda is thinking about this all. Whatta world.
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