Thursday, July 2, 2009

I sense momentum, and you?

Rob Blogoyevich should really Blog. He seems to have a lot to say and his wife can write there too as she was in the jungle as a celebrity and there has got to be something we can all learn from that. Patty B. shout out! Please blog about your experiences with the gang over at I'm a celebrity get me out of here.

I miss having a tv show to watch. None yet. Catch glimpses of Americas got Talent but everytime I see those two silly English judges I lose interest. And, then Hoff as the lone American! Madness. Every show now has some English accented person on there now(I'm a celebrity get me out of here) and Simon Cowell is to blame, obviously. But, British judges for an American talent show is just messed up, yo.

And, Niles with his tight little annoying child's mouth and Sharon with her trying to show her overflowing humanity now that she beat up some skank on a rock of love reunion show. Which reminds me of my thoughts about the concept of "humanity" yesterday-- hmmm... Too deep for pre-breaky.

And then Hoff with his smile idiotically while his heart is breaking hoffness.

Squandered potential that show and if I just had the ear of the Execs that show would be a huge hit a long time ago. But,I do not have the ear of the head honchos and that is why you all are HURTING. So, please let us try to correct that ASAP
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