Thursday, July 2, 2009

Latoya Janet and isn't there a maternal one in the bunch?

Again yesterday I heard of those newscasters saying "myspace, twitter, youtube" as if myspace and blogs have fallen off the radar of all mankind. This only emboldens me and my blogging because now I don't just have an American Revolution I need to try and foment but an Iranian Revolution that i need to re-catalyze, as the kids say.

Had an unpleasant Whole Foods Experience yesterday. For the record, I have no beef with gourmet. I think Trader Joes is a very cool store and i think I'm one of the first to shop there as I lived in Northern Cal just about when they opened. But, Whole Foods- just find it to be a huge Bullshit.

But, the best bread in L.A at the best price is in a mini mall right by the Whole Foods on Fairfax and Santa Monica Blvd and so there I was cursing the whole foods without having to go to the whole foods. I was going to go on a rant about whole foods but my immediate surroundings just distracted me and I lost that rant. Now, I'm thinking about my Russian Bread Store and how The whole foods crowd(who despite the economy are still upkeeping the upscale- Parking was impossible!)never ventures into that place. These Russians don't know how to French it up at all and their steadfast Russian behavior keeps the vast majority of Americans out.

Everytime I go to this bakery I think pretty much the same two things: 1) How without worry over money or weight heaven to me is a bakery.
Then, the second thought is, " When are these people going to make any effort to spell correctly? This bakery does try to be multicultural but the spelling makes it hard for any provincial Russian to get a real education:

There's the samsa, the linza , the donish, the burkah, The chapachurri

If you saw those pastries in the flesh you'd understand that the samsa is a samosa(india), the linza is a linzer tart(Jewish), the donish I'm sure you'll figure out, and the burkah is a burekah(Israeli)and the chapachurri which I believe is some armenian dish spelled entirely differently.

They spell flambe right and even puree over there and yet the samsa is still being peddled as samsa and it's in handwriting so there is no we can't afford a" new samosa sign" excuse.

Still can't get that inspired rant against whole foods to return so while we all patiently wait....

Diana Ross is thinking WTF and Latoya is thinking... Dianna Ross WTF and Janet is gorging on samsa in some pretty house and she is like WTF too and like the world is very WTF and I insist that I blog daily now and so I'm like going to keeep writing about current and stale events ... daily.

Or twice or thrice daily... but never less. That's the plan. yes.

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