Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is this IN2ITALL4U a meaninful representative of the new generation?

Ok, I'm making a deal with the press. I'll let you cover michael jackson for 22 hours a day. And, you just give me a half hour of what's up with iran. I'll even take the twitter updates with josh lev.

Believe me I know how stupid AOL is and The fact that it inextricably tied to America doesn't help matters but I had aol back in the day and haven't been compelled yet to shut it down on my desktop or use another e-mail thing since my password on SBCglobal didn't protect me.

The fact that it's become so uncool is probably why or mabye it's the interface or templates they use. I really do not know. But, I often do click on something that catches my eye and today there was some clickable "article" on "best fast food value for the buck," This spoke to me and I clicked and found this..... and found this just so funny. IN2ITALL4U
1:14PM Jul 8 2009

McDonalds suck. They barely get me full and I'm just 15 years old. They can't get me full with their 2 (double?)big mac or 2 (double?) quarter pounder sandwiches, but at Burger King I can get full with about 1 double wopper and jr. wopper; or sometimes the double wopper. KFC is better because for most the same price as 3 quarter pounder you can get about 12 pieces of chicken. Taco Bell also is better because...uummm..tacos rule.
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