Wednesday, July 8, 2009

typos typos typos

Looking over this blog and I see typos that really just ruin everything and here and there I fix a few and man does that feel futile.

I came on here to further discuss my theory on art but got so sickened by how these typos sneak in and ruin everything that now I'm posting about that rather shedding light on Art and Music and then I'm trying to type slower so as not to keep making these "make me sound as if English is my second language" typos and time is awasting yet again. And, as time goes on I'm really feeling how little time I have. This could be a prediction and I could indeed have little time left or this could just be a feeling of being rushed and I could be on here in 50 years talking about my life as a disgruntled septuganarian. Hard to know... most things.

But,for now I'm in the prediction business because I keep making them and they come true and I want someone someday to point to this blog and call me the modern nostradamus. Otherwise, I'll have to just keep insisting that I am without any evidence.
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