Friday, July 31, 2009

more strange and seemingly senseless posts

Staples is a great store. Fresh ink, and two reams of paper and all for no money because they paid me for my used print cartridges.

Kielbasa face and his hapless partner, Hoffman, were headed towards my building. What is that about? What a friggin John Grisham novel my Eugene Oneilsbergian life has become.

My faith in the police is nil and so should yours. Again, this story will get told and told well and I am uncriminal and very sane fyi and since I don't think anyone really reads this I apologize if someone does and doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about. It's an exciting story that will get told soon for reasons that can't be properly explained.

Still wondering how these cows are so fat and supposedly only eat grass. What do pigs eat?

I suppose I could google this but what would I use as a search word, " cow grass how calories" "pig food what."

I came up with two killer jokes while driving to staples but I forgot them and that always sucks.

Remember folks, never hire Howard Williams ss your lawyer. It doesn't get worse than him and it is my duty to warn innocents. I plan on getting 4 laweyers disbarred by teh end of the year and that could be fun.

HMMM, I'm just really wanting that 300 hits by nightfall and I don't have anything very enticing to report as my mind is focused on the Indian food that awaits me.
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