Saturday, August 1, 2009

california, tig notaro is stealing from you!

Flavor of India. Not great not bad. Wouldn't be compelled to go again. ON the menu under the Chicken Tikka Masala that I ordered it said "Dolly Partons favorite" and this was jarring as it didn't do this for any other entree- meaning it didn't say that billy bob thornton's favorite is the korma etc, so I mentioned this to one of the 5 waiters that came by(none Indian!) and he went off on how she comes for lunch on average once a week and eats this chicken tikka masala. I suppose that should have sold me on this dish more and it probably did as I rated the dish a 6 and probably would have given it a 5 if I hadn't read and heard that about Ms. Parton's take on it.

Tons of wretched girls with straightened hair and dressed to the nines walking the santa monica boulevard. Tons of gay guys in form fitting t's and jeans ,flip flops with tanned toes a child, I never would have suspected that adults are just or even more conformist as kids. I've always been an optimist. Adulthood, as you can imagine has been a grave dissapointment for that reason alone.

It's weird to babble on about my meal and walk when I literally am being targeted by a corrupt government and its shabby minions. That would sound to me to be the paranoid ravings of a madwoman if I didn't write it myself but all I could do is say it and not get offended if someone assumes insanity.

The truth is strong and solid and I think that it stays put no matter what some try to do to it.

Lawyers really are worthy of any joke -- I've never met a more gruesome group-- 5 in a row(not to mention the clowns I've had to endure on the telephone) all because some disturbed bull dyke named Tig Notaro has some pernicious god complex and wants to kill people who would never give her a second thought. I'm very curious to Stef Willen's exact role and my family thinks she is just a coward who got caught up in a bad situation with this 17 and still in junior high loser etc.
. I tend to agree at times and then I realize that she was willing to invent lies that started this all and anyone who can do that is capable of anything. And, she did tell me such horror stories about her roomates and now I think she made it all up and probably told them similarly destructive and false stories about me. Best to never come in contact with Stef Willen is my advice.

Whatta life.
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