Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My blog is a newborn baby

I'm really just kidding about the hit thing but since return busines is apparently so bad I will stop doing it.

My leaps of logic and inside jokes often fail!

Had an excellent day, blog, despite the hororscopes dire warning. I am quite popular in the focus group community and that community is pretty big but unfortunately the nature of that community is that you never see or hear from those people again. But, if I died I know they'd all be upset and I don't say that lightly.

It's been awhile since I've been around a group of people that weren't atrocious and so that made this day go smoother than most, but this day isn't over.

Had so many innovative ideas and revelations that only my some strewn about pieces of paper will ever know and thought a lot about you, blog. I don't know what the late afternoon,evening, late evening will bring so I can't declare this a sucksass(trademark fern) of a day but as of 4;13 PM things are looking up.

Funniest thing today, I'd say, is that one of the focus grouper's job's was "to work the court docket" Blog, you don't know how odd and funny that is and how great it was to ask him the question who's answer I know now ABSOLUTELY, I wrote many of the pressing things on a rite aid circular but I left it in the car and will share it soon.

Saw a whole friggin mural erected to Michael Jackson on Labrea and there was an image of him and the TEXT, "Micheal You rocked our World""
and I thought about how there must be better ways to spend time and how Michael was the "King of Pop" not the "King of Rock" and therefore he would have popped your world, boneheads.

But, luckily that was the entirety of the nasty thoughts I had today. OK, I had a few more but all in all the 8 individuals at the focus group brought out love for humanity feelings. It was a focus group about Banking and everyone kept talking about HUMANITY, using that exact word... HUMANITY and it was exciting for reasons that my tender blog doesn't yet understand. There is so so much you don't know blog! It's like you are a newborn.

Brief posts are best(I've come to see) so I'll save ya'll more treats for later.

Business model:
Theory of inundation: Free credit report dot com and starbucks.

Drown them in it and eventually they will buy a 3 dollars coffee or a "free" credit report.
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