Sunday, July 26, 2009

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Saw Palin's speech. I want to move to Alaska! Damn, it sounds good over there and then at the end she said that no one can lose there way because of the Northern Star and immediately I saw Nicholas Hughes and remembered that he committed suicide in Alaska. I've never much thought about government until this last year or two and I agree that it is a sinister and souless and the less the better.

As the newly slim Candy Crowley said, " Sarah Palin is interesting." and that is just true. Why? Because she is realer than most. Odd, that realness seems so hard to find in politicians and people, but such is the state of life.

Sarah Palin is interesting and she is real or at least you sense that she strives for Realness and all the hatred directed at her seems to come from character flaws within her detractors. Every time I see some Palin Basher they look disturbed. Most self proffessed "liberals' seem like sour little nuts. There is this vile "comedian" in Los Angeles called Scott Boxenbaum and he is all about showing his liberality and yet he is the most twisted and bitter talentless prick imaginable who at 44 years old goes around wanted to recreate some high school where he gets to be the bully. I found out about what he was up to in late October and I find out most of the stuff that is actionable in March 09 so the statute of limitations are fine so far and the minute I resolve a bit of the other stuff they threw at me I'm going to sue them all and the juries will hate them beyond measure. Harris Wittels and his perverted nebish face and retarded flashing of his slimy sweaty penis.... I think i found out about him in November of 08 so I have time. And that cliche of a load, Val Myers,-- what a shithole this Los Angeles is. And, the fact that I will never let up on that malignancy, Tig Notaro, and her creepy puppy, Stef willen. They are criminals, perjurers, vicious rabid nightmares. That is an understatement.
Why would such humnan refuse think they can just do this?? So many more to name but this post is too long as it is.

Gregozek will be working this case forever or until Lavely and Singer finally keeps their promise and gets him a better job. Lousy calculations are going to add up to a major loss to them. Nothing they do will allow them to "win" when they are so wrong, and they need to realize that.

I'm in love with 12 people and I bet I can get at least 6 to love me back. And, that is not because of anything but the facts of my case and the evilness of the irrational and foul behavior of the other side.

As, I wait for sense to return to my world, I blog.
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