Wednesday, July 22, 2009

revenge nursery rhymes

I was all set to start the blog of the century and I had weekly installments and all that. I had features and daily specials and it was gooood. But, then these nutty nursery rhymes take over and put my blog career on hold, once again. These are some sinister ass fearie type tales but Grimm must have too been through some shit.

Look up now

The other shoe
is set to fall
on you
previews are out this

steel toed heel
coming down on your head
grab at pillows
try to unmake this thorn bed

no boy who cried wolf this chicken little
when he tells you
the shoe is falling
you loveless shit
you unpopped zit
take it, the cake
for making the worlds biggest

The other shoe
is coming down
the other shoe knows when you're around
it's falling fast
gravity and reality smushing you
into the ground.

Hey hey and boo hoo
here comes the other shoe.

You can't hide you can't run
the shoe has finally fallen
I'm having fun
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