Friday, July 31, 2009

sex keywords seem to ramp up the hits

Old habits die hard. Cliches are cliches for a reason and so my habit of making small meaningless goals has not yet died. I want 300 hits by nightfall.

Top of the morning to you, blog. I woke up feeling like a different person. Maybe not different but at least someone as familiar as the one who gets lost everytime she puts her faith in some skank lawyer.

Music sounds better and food tastes too good (my cheekbones come and go talking of michelangelo) . On my way to pick up a nice big bottle of instant coffee I realized that the 4 months of being under the control of that short nosed sociopath, Howard Williams, were some very dark months. I remember feeling that sink when I signed the retainer. I have to pay heed to that sinking feeling every time but sometimes maybe you just get suckered no matter what.

My fridge is full to overflowing with the lemonade I've been forced to make and lemonade is nice and all but not when it takes over all the refrigerator space and you don't have the funds for a larger fridge. What a crock! If you have some leftover lemons Pleeze don't offer them to me.

I am waiting on "What a crock" and "As per" to take over but so far all I pretty much hear is "Awesome." and "thrown under the bus" and " at the end of the day." What is it about "Awesome" that has so captured the imagination of the masses? It hasn't really gone away and I fear it never will.

Which reminds me about something else that I will discuss in my next blog post. I must go now and singlehandedly reform the legal system and that my friends is TIME CONSUMING. Capitals mean I am trying to add a touch more emphasis.
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