Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Since this thing is not really a treatise of any value but rather a stinking blog I should comment on pop culture events in order to be relevant, as they say.

So, I'll talk about Susan Boyle and how I indeed saw the interview she had with Meredith Viera.

For the record(of which there is no record) I say that I love that Susan Boyle. Just do. Love that lady and wish her the best of everything and hope the toads and vipers stay at bay. I think she's a funny smart person and anyone who messes with her will have to deal with my legal motions. I slowly but surely am becoming the fiercest pro per in the nation but this is a SECRET. Me and my family are the most egotistical indigents to ever hit the court system and It's ON. It's a war and there is no alternative but to win. So therefore we will.

I will help you out pro bono, Ms. boyle, if anyone messes with you is all I'm saying.I won't even ask you to sing for me.
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