Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whatta world

according to one hit counter someone is reading this thing so until that hit counter stays completely static I will keep blogging as I plan to launch a sexy but savory blog about govermental corruption and about a huge disgrace that is being perpetuated against the tax payers of Los Angeles. I have been picked, I suppose, to expose and try to thwart the sickness that exists in the legal system and to document the incredible story of a malicous prosecution that will appall any half decent person and that will serve to better this world, we hope.

The story is writing itself but it has to have a final chapter very soon because taxpayers are being conned and lifes are being battered for no reason that will satisfy decent humans. The villains are Grisham worthy and the whole thing is mind blowing and will blow minds. It's epic in scale what I've uncovered and lets hope the old spirit keeps being indomitable.
And, I can't help but hope that some of those decent humans discussed above exist. Certainly out of 12 there must be one or two. Who knew. Whatta world.

In other news I haven't yet seen Bruno but I swear I had a whole joke with hummus and hamas at the read, I have witnesses and now Bruno is doing it. I'll chalk it up to great minds think alike and hope my humus hamas joke is very different.

How are you all today? Are you out there to help when I just post one word, "HELP."

I don't count on it. With every passing day, I count on less and less and less and only on the two that I will love forever. God, they are gorgeous and brilliant and good and I am so lucky that psychobabble and ubiquitious bullshit didn't break us apart. Whatta world.

How is Oprah? Is she still our supreme leader?
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