Sunday, July 12, 2009

computer brain analogies are cool

Movies and me are Over!

For the longest time I have lost my faith in movies-- just gave up. Today, the gang decided to give movies another chance and we rented Defiance because my mother read the book it was based on and the name Defiance sounded fun. I am glad that I broke up with movies because what a piece of poop was this thing. I really wanted to try my hand at writing movie reviews as I always thought I might have that capability but I'm not feeling so bright and just want to say that Defiance was poop and it really highlights that Hollywood is mostly completely disgusting. Then I read something about it and how Edward Zwick made some inane anti Israel comment and again it was confirmed that "liberals" are soft in the head. Then on IMDB some relief with people getting how bad this movie is and then some pain as the antisemites also show up there and ruin it.

I keep blogging despite the appearance of vast indifference. Soon, I will brace and steel(getting good at those) and kick all kinds of greasy ass. Till that great day ...

Two days ago my brain felt like the newest Pentium or whatever is the best current processor is now. Today, the brain feels like a Pentium 2 that is selling on craiglist for 55 dollars. I want the geeks to stop fine tuning the online and start working on the brain. I am passionate about this idea of forcing the computer geeks to work on human brains and the old world etc.

I have a strong urge to see Bruno but will wait till it hits the small screen. To my great surprise I found Borat very funny and like the idea of making fun of the fashion industry a lot. What a bullshit world is that.
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