Thursday, July 9, 2009

The witching hour is not the time to mince words or garlic . No mincing IN GENERAL

I've always been very interested in Circadian Rythms. It amazes me that there does seem to be strong evidence that our body has a little clock and that we can control it but mostly don't.

I woke up today and had an urge to google "The witching hour" but I haven't yet succumbed to said urge. The motive behind the urge was manifold(annoying sentence imho) as many motives are. I plan to google that when I finish this post which is my only way of getting out my quickly multiplying thoughts on circadian rythms before they lose any focus and just become a blogless jumble.

So today my circadians are unusual and prick my curiosity. Suddenly, and without reason I've fallen out of my 7.AM ,a little more or less zone , and I need to find a reason. That's gettting to be a big problem-- my desire to find reasons is not new, of course, but it's gotten to feel.... pressing and the reasons and the reasons for finding reasons and so on are multiplying So much so that the mere fact that I am now not sleeping is lending itself to study and getting on MY NERVES. Thoughts about my desire to find reason and how pressing those have become lead to more thoughts and I don't know which thought should take precedence or if precedence is at all the right word.

I woke up today and laughingly(but seriously) thought about this blog and its limitless potential. Not just this blog, but the two thousand or so blog ideas I've been having and the limitless potential of reaching out to the abyss in general. Social how typical that I'd become a blog entrepeneur without the profit margin or profit or even monetizaton. Then, I want to type... Marginalized Prophet...and then I think better of it because the word "Crazy" is being thrown around willy nilly, nowadays.

And, I could go into that-- I think about craziness a lot. My most memorable thought about it is that most or even all of us are sane to some degree- at least, I am not aware of people crapping in the streets or speaking in tongues anywhere but in some "specialized churches." Which makes me now discuss Sarah Palin because by virtue of this being a blog labels and keywords guide some tangents and without concern for ink or paper or character length I need not be brief. Need I? Yes? Not?

comments section is open ect.

So, many liberals really hate Palin. At least that's how it seems. And, a day doesn't go by where I don't hear about her or hear someone insulting her in such a way that stimulates my brain to find the reasons behind this Palin Phenomenom which is maybe a craze or a trend and not a Phenomenom but please it is not the time to Mince.

Two days ago I heard some Republican woman go off on how much she disrespects Palin and that got me to thinking about how Womankind... isn't very kind. But, that is so not what this post must be about. It's not going to even be about my theories on why Liberals hate her so much less the motive behind this Republican Woman's vitriol. It's going to be about .... Oh no. I wanted it to be about the word "Crazy" and the words "Silence the critics" and I maybe even wanted to get into it by way of the words "Swift Boat," and how these words all connect to "Twitter." Or, more broadly to the fact that Palin is the first very public political figure that I know of that is Twittering and how though I have a primal disdain for Twittering(Could be the limits on lenghth or the fact that I can't seem to find a meaningful reason as to why millions went to myspace and then got out of that space and then facebook and lining the pockets of some 22 year old little mogul and post teens doing this in droves too, and then doing so in the shadow of the blogosphere and then one day-- grown adults saying "I tweet. Do you?" It could be that the Twitter is too connect to "Twit" and even twitch or the strange modern trajectory of this online landscape is too jarring for some human sensibilities: I meant every word of that, but not sure if it's jarring or something worse. I feel as if this constant online upgrading is way out of hand. When I think about what the Best Buy salespeople have to be trained on every ... week....I just hoping they are getting a commensurate salary, as the kids say.

Ok, the idea that things are out of hands has something to do with something. Yes, that's right-- Sarah Palin. So, I haven't yet seen the allure of Twittering but then again it took me many years to even think about blogging so whatever whateversberg... And I can safely now say I don't like Twitter and like Sarah Palin and I don't like people who hate Sarah Palin. That's the logic excercise that shall guide us today.

So, I like Palin and understand why she twitters and just hope she wouldn't correct this assumption by saying, "Newbie, It's Tweet not twitter." Why do I understand why she twitters and how roundabout is this going to get is a this point in this post...

Praise the ellipsis. So, anyhow, it involves the concepts of "Crazy" and "Silencing critics" and "Swift Boating" and "Twitter" still...

I think I'm going to rewrite this post because though I heartily believe in letting ones freak flag fly I think the level of freaky in this post is too high and...

Off I go to "rewrite" this post which will be the first time I set out to rewrite much less revise a post and which I can't promise (my sparse inconsistent maybe even nonexistent )my readers will even happen the minute I cease with this here post. I will go find out the what and whens of this witching hour thing and hope that time and focus permit any kind of pursuit of the many themes of my post genre blog.
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