Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You are a gen....

As I was out and about on in the West Hollywood area I was sure I heard a creaking sound and that it was the masses coming in to my blog but I was wrong.

I've come to the conclusion(always malleable btw) that the more I blog the better I feel and I sure like to feel half decent.

I'm going to share with you the delightful things that occurred outside there and that I have brought inside and then even more inside by typing them on this monitor and then in the blogger software.

After seeing a billboard for a show that promised to be "edgy" and featuring an actress and an actor who looked vaguely familiar -- One was a guy and underneath him it said "HO" and then there was this actress that I'm pretty sure was on Frasier at some point and under her it said, "PIMP" and I thought a thought that I obviously found good enough to share .... I thought.... they are people caught in the spotlight... See, as opposed to deer in the headlights . But the same. It started with me thinking that I can't think of a profession with less control than an actor and led to that.

Next...Went to Target with my mother(who is a trip and pill and peice of work and more) and she just is very friendly to everyone and at one point as usual her vertigo hits her and she gets nauseaus so I tell her to sit down somewhere and I'll take care of everything. I'm abour to do so when she calls me over and I see she got a empty cashier and she is talking to the pretty black girl cashier. So,the line I was in has 3 people and I go there and very soon see that the pretty black cashier girl is a transexual or transvestite and my mother is saying how pretty he is and that's fine, of course, but I need her to look now so we can discuss later and so I say in Hebrew " It' s a man. It's a man." I am beyond sure that this black transvestite or transexual does not speak hebrew so don't worry about hurt feelings as I would never do that. Anyway, So I say it to my mother and unperturbed she says "Yeah." and then as she does she request extra target bags(as she is easily pleased and loves these bags!) So this pretty girl who it is now very clear was born a boy gives her a lot of them and she says... You are a gen....

And, my world stops. I feel great pain for what this will do to this woman fellow who probably spent 10 times the time to look like a woman today than we both did and I look at his face and I hear the end of my mothers statement which I'm sure will be you are a gen.... tle man.
But it comes out and my mothers voice is going you are a gen... er..ous soul. And you could see the expression on the pretty girl not girl's face. God bless, my mother She is the type to say "you are a generous soul" and on the way to the elevator I told her about this and she was like " Why would I say something like that" and I'm like "No. No. I don't mean purposely by accident."

I'll continue my stories in a new post as I am trying most desperately to be briefer.
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