Tuesday, July 7, 2009

used to hate journey now like still don't like hootie but not such HA

So, that's just my once story from Target.

The other one.

So I'm standing by the car to put the stuff in and I see a black guy who looks very familiar and he's got this very pretty wife or girlfriend and they have some unique looking Caddilac and he is giving me the eye. When I say that someone is giving me the eye it's because they are as I never think anyone is giving me the eye unless it is beyond obvious. So, I look over and he's really giving me the eye and he is Hootie ... Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish and this makes me think about a thousand things but for our purposes- it's makes me think how I've mellowed and though I used to LOATHE hootie and the blowfish in my day that whatever now ... I can't be bothered and he has good taste and now I can add him to Dave Mathews who gave me the major eye outside the Virgin Megastore 15 years ago. And, then he passed me though his pretty girlfriend was waiting in the opposite direction and I thought " Wow Hootie is a cad" and when he got closer I saw that he wasn't at all Hootie. But only some guy who looked like Hootie from a few feet away.

But, I'm pretty still pretty sure that that was Dave Mathews. Which reminds me of the story with the "rock star" and my sister. But, that will have to wait till the next post.

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