Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anyone out there to confirm this story told by tig notaro.

From an interview she (notaro) just did- check to see if this really happened

My joke is- well, then just call the doll Becky. Some people got up during the set and walked out. I asked them, ‘Where are you headed?’ and they said ‘Maybe you’ll think twice before you make fun of people.’ One of the woman pointed at somebody she was with and was like, ‘He just got over cancer...’ I was so baffled, so confused. Everybody was baffled! I don’t know where they read in that I was saying, ‘Haha you have cancer.’ Nowhere. I don’t know where it came about. So, they left and started yelling with the owner of the bar, it turned into a brawl and the cops came. I was still on stage this whole time. A fist fight broke out... This is all during my set. I had to stay focused and talk to audience while people were pinning each other down and screaming. And one of the guys that left, the police broke his leg while they were holding him down.”
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