Monday, August 31, 2009

Bruno review 2

Sasha Baron Cohen could be such a major cult god if he stuck to what he did in the first half of Bruno. Damn.

Salma Hayek waxers get exhausted... enough hair  to fill a mattress.

the richard bay scene with baby O.J

Paula Abdul going off on what a great person she is as she sits on a man's back.

Sooooooooooooooo so funny. It's on because it needs to be shared with my half deaf mother who makes me repeat almost every line. Scene with the asshole waxing, she says, " what are they doing to him. cleaning his colon.

and, I just don't mince words and say, "They are waxing his asshole, mommy, they actually do that in Hollywood. She considered it, shuddered, and continued watching. She's not liking it. She finds him " too crazy. Too stupid."

I'm finding even funnier this time around.

I don't think she's met as many Brunos as me and my sister have. I think she's not getting the genius stuff he's doing about eurotrash etc becauese that wasn't something that was  her time.

blogging away on a hot day so somehow this blog doesn't completely drop dead.
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