Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bruno review

Such mixed emotions watching Bruno( Bit Torrent- Wow!)- tear causing laughter and then distress that  Anthony Lane from the New Yorker was so wrong and how could he be so wrong  and then releif that Anthony Lane was right but distress that Bruno fell apart so much in the last half and had one of the worst endings ever.
I thought the first hour with the Model stuff and the baby and hollywood was deeply deeply hilarious and then BOOM he moves the whole thing to American Hicks.... WTF and then some stupid mega rocks stars at the end and not the sense that he finds them mockworthy and just WTF.

If he just had stuck to hollywood, fame, and fashion it would have been a masterpiece and daring etc, but then this strange descent into American hicks and their responses to the repulsive kind of gayness that he was presenting.  Why do most movies just fall apart?

All in all, I'd say the first half is deeply hilarious and Sasha Baron Cohen is a very very funny guy with a great, billiants funny almost perfect ear( only one bum line where he said the africa babymight be a he doesn't know his age) The second half with the swingers and the army thing just shouldn't have been in the same movie that seemed to promise what really needs to get mocked nowadays and it's not rednecks. Geez. He should have gone to a foodie retreat, or nightclubs or salons etc, but then Alabama ... then stupid chris martin and dissapointing. 

So, still with you Anthony Lane!

Much much better than Flightplan that's for sure and
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