Thursday, August 13, 2009

California, Woo hoo!

Me and my sister were debating, who is grosser tig notaro or Jill Cohen Kalpakian. It was a tough one but we both decided in the end that tig takes the "even grosser" cake. Kalpakian is as unattractive as it gets like Notaro but at least she doesn't look as if she lets off bad smells.

Jill Cohen Kalpakian for the record is an unethical city attorney in Los Angeles who lied in front of too many people and slandered a person who has more beauty in a half a toenail than she has in her whole misshappen backfat afflicted body.

This crappiest dirtiest thing to do is to pretend you are in fear when you are not and in the context of what this case is-- what she is doing is as filthy as it gets. But, it backfired terribly, and the highfives of some PD's and many midemeanorerrs seem to indicate that she was the crazy(in that bad way) and worse than crazy, a lying uncrupolous and hard on the eyes banshee-- who is wasting your tax dollars, California.
Waxler lied too and put things on the record that were completely false and which easily can be proven, but with her you get the sense she hates the case because she knows there is no way to win it if a jury is convened. But, with Kalpakian it's a personal thing-- she resents anyone who isn't as ugly and broken as she.

Woohoo California: Pay attention, please.
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