Thursday, August 13, 2009

hope hoff is really nice etc.

My my it gets better and better. I can't wait to tell you all --the story of the damned decade.

It's impossible for me to talk at any length to anyone lately because my story overtakes me and as storytelling type I don't want to impose on someone the 89 hours required to tell it well.
And everday there is a new wrinkle .It's good for a few books, really.

But, yesterday, was thus far too exciting for a blog post. In short, they ordered a mental competency hearing out of desperation-- because they have no case, and they know that both a criminal jury and a civil jury will rule against them down the road and much money is at stake
So, dirty dirty tricks, and more void orders and corrupt judges, and inches away from that light that must exist at the end of this tunnel. That light better not be a fucking mirage! Come to think of it, mirages are a really depressing concept.

So many scenes that you'd think would only happen in a movie(a really Lynchian one) are happening all the time.

So these desperate rapacious prosecutors make up lies and totally represent my legal representation up to this point. Very easily proven lies- and I will show each one-- how far to they think this farce can go?

We've lost our innocence but the idealism seems to persist.

So, meanwhile, the really funny part is this: Because of all the stress and misery caused by this malicious prosecution I now for the first time in my life go to a psychiatrist and this psychiatrist has made it very clear to me that she finds me very sane.And she's such a likeable, down to earth, and attractive psychiatrist that this prosecution's sleazy ploy will bite them bad if I have to get her to court. Any more detail might be dangerous because it wouldn't be illogical to conclude that one of my sloppy adversaries is reading this blog.

I want to talk about pop culture but my life has become too big for that for reasons unknown, and I can only say that I really like the Hoff( a judge now on Americas got talent). I hope he's really as nice as he seems. If I found out now that he's really a bastard I'd be more just sad than surprised
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